Upcoming Events

March 20 Lenten Worship New Athens
March 27 Lenten Worship Darmstadt

April 3 Lenten Worship New Athens
​April 10 Lenten Worship Darmstadt

All Lenten services start at 7 PM, Bible Study at 7:45 PM
Soup Suppers will be held at all services at Darmstadt at 6 PM


Who We Are

The heart of our church is to strengthen people's faith in Jesus, our merciful God who richly and daily forgives sins. If you have ever struggled with a guilty conscience, if you have ever had doubts about a loving God, if you have ever wished that you could be better person; we have the resources to help you.

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Our Philosophy

We don't just talk about forgiveness, we give forgiveness in very concrete ways. We give it through baptism as the Bible says, "He who believes and is baptized shall be saved." (Mark 16:16) It is why we celebrate the Lord's Supper every weekend because Jesus said, "This is my body and blood given and shed for the forgiveness of your sins." (Matthew 26:28 & Luke 22:19) And for the sake of such faith we preach Jesus Christ. As the Bible says, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ." (Romans 10:27)

About Trinity & St. Paul