Midweek Bible Study

St. Paul: Wed. 7 PM Game of Thrones: 1 Chronicles


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Spring Bible Study
"Game of Thrones - Bible Style"

On Wednesdays in April & May at 7 PM our Spring Bible study will look at the book of             1 Chronicles. Talk about draining the swamp. The kings of Judah make the politicians of Washington, D.C. look like saints. It was a time like ours, with the nation sliding further away from God. What was God's response when His people turned to other sources for security? What did he do to preserve them even as they turned away from Him? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. What can we learn from the people of Jerusalem that may be of help to us today? Join us for the answers found in the Old Testament book “The Chronicles of the Kings.” 

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St. Paul: Sat. 6:00 PM, Sun. 10:30 AM

Trinity: Sun 9:00 AM 

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St. Paul Sundays at 9:30 AM.

Trinity is located in Darmstadt, Illinois and St. Paul is in New Athens, Illinois. We are a dual parish of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod..